[thelist] Apache htaccess

Keith Davis cache at dowebs.com
Sat May 26 21:34:59 CDT 2001

Peter Van Dijck wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm uploading .htaccess files to apache. I renamed then htaccess.txt,
> uploaded and then renamed .htaccess again (using cuteFTP).
> But they don't seem to be there (they contain rewrite directives). Or else
> mod_rewrite isn't on on that server. How can I find that out? (I got
> (limited) command line access)

Weird timing. I ran into that just last night myself. I have set
.htaccess as one of the extensions to upload ASCII so I don't go through
the renaming sequence. I think you can probably do the same with

But, I was uploading the .htaccess to a server I'd never been on before.
And it wasn't getting to the server. I uploaded that damned thing 3
times before it dawned on me that that server treats a period begining
file name as a hidden file, refusing to show it to FTP as well as http.
I don't know if that's an Apache thing or the FTP server. But I
purposefully uploaded a malformed copy, got an error, uploaded my good
copy and got the change I expected. Now, I just have to remember that
it's there since I can't see it. It also makes it kinda hard to delete
too, but uploading a blank copy seems to have the same effect.

Your file's probably there, you could upload a copy with a basic Auth on
it and see if you get a password prompt just to verify that it's there.
If you're not getting results you probably have the wrong syntax.


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