[thelist] Where do I place my remote JS file?

sfmalo sfmalo at msn.com
Sun May 27 08:33:59 CDT 2001

I ended up going as far as placing the remote js file in my root directory.
It works with just the file name. But I was anxious to get my site up. So,
I'll try the relative path route and place it in its own directory in a bit.

Thanks for your advice and the others who responded (Dan and Nate). Yes,
it's my first-ever shot at external js files. Fortunately, my host had the
application/x-javascript mime type set up. /Something/ went smoothly, ta da!

P.S. <g>You only see the forest when the leggy worms are eaten up by the big
dodos after they swoop down to get their Mac[intosh] snacks ... and knock
over some trees in their exuberance.</g>

Keith wrote:

>But, I assume this is your first shot at external js files on that
> server. You need to make sure the server has the
> application/x-javascript mime type so it will deliver the file. If it
> isn't, or if it has restrictions you can lose time, spouse, and sanity
> trying to figure out what's wrong. (not necessarily in that order)
> Best to first place it in the root with index.html (assuming that the
> script is called by index.html) and reference it with the full URL. If
> that works then the mime is installed. Then you want to make sure that
> the server has no restrictions. Try it with only the file name instead
> of the URL. If that works then move it to any other directory and use a
> relative path to reference it. If that works everything is OK.
> > Sure can't see the forest for the trees (again).
> Forest? What forest. There's legs on the worms in the apples in the
> trees, but forest? is there a forest here??

Sharon F. Malone
"web design and Internet writing services"

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