[thelist] NN4.7 not showing my Home page/images

sfmalo sfmalo at msn.com
Sun May 27 10:32:41 CDT 2001

Yes, thanks for your reply. I was hoping I could say something before anyone
took the time to observe my booboos. I just re-uploaded some of the pages
which I had not run through the HTML Tidy validator ... and found some tags
missing on two pages. Interesting. It affected the entire site by not
displaying the images on any of the pages in NN4.7 only. Wild!!!

Appreciate you taking the time ... and I apologize. Been up all night trying
to get ths site ready for uploading and just got careless. I know I owe a
tip but I'm too tired to think of anything worthwhile. Raincheck?

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> Hi,
> They looks exactly the same here on IE 5.5 and NS4.7.....
> FayeC
> sfmalo wrote:
> >
> > Eeeek. I just uploaded my revised site. It acts fine in I.E. 5.x and
> > Netscape 6.01 ... but! Netscape 4.7 shows only the top part of my Home
> > no text, no nav, and no images. If you type in the URL of any of the
> > pages on the site, they view (but, again, without the images
> > This is the site for which I uploaded my first remote js file for the
> > rollovers on the menu bar.
> >
> > You can get in by going to:
> > http://www.24caratdesign.com/faq.html.
> >
> > Any ideas?
> >
> > Sharon
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> > Sharon F. Malone
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