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Daniel S. O'Shea doshea at surfree.com
Sun May 27 12:15:29 CDT 2001

Well done on the 'clarification' as my first statement, "To run FP, you must
use their extensions." may have been misconstrued. The statement should have
been, "To run the full features of FP, you must use their extensions."

After getting my feet wet in web design through FP, I made it to the point
of manually scripting any of the features that were provided by FP and their
extensions. Basically as you say James, as just an authoring tool. (Ex. When
I want to see some advanced table design, I'll create it through FP and then
copy the code.) No need for me now to even use the database wizard, as I
code my own .mdb databases and now move on to SQL.

For me, it was a method to learn web design as a newbie, and move on.

For instance, you may want a fancier table than just border=1 padding=1, but
if you use FP, when you start a new page, open 'source' view, delete it
immediately, and code the basic html page. Then start manually your basic
code of a table or whatever. Then, improve upon it in the design view. Once
the basics are down, then you can start looking at your source code on the
more advanced html. Just a bit of advice for the newbies starting out in FP.
I wish I had had this advice when I started out.

On a related List Topic, letting companies know you coded even in notepad
does mean something. I learned that the hard way. The one negative with FP
is that I relied too much on the WYSIWYG feature. For any newbie, I would
stress FORCEFULLY to code as much as possible manually. An earlier thread
talked about someone adding to their resume that they coded in Notepad. Just
a year ago, when I had posted my resume all over the 'net, most companies
asked me if I knew how to code manually. I had to go back and start doing
everything manually, becoming more adept coding html.

I know this takes on several post topics, but I think recent discussion on
both makes it acceptable.

Dan O.

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> >>>To run FP, you must use their extensions.
> >>>They allow the full features that come with Frontpage.
> >>>Any and all references that run 'webbots' like 'hover' links
> >>>and such need these extensions.
> >>>Uploading needs these extensions.
> >>>To run the FP Database wizard needs these extensions.
> To clarify slightly, it is possible to use FrontPage only as an authoring
> tool.
> In this case the author would avoid the 4 or 5 special FrontPage features
> that require FrontPage Server Extensions.
> In this case uploading with FTP would not present any problem.
> And, in this case, the server would not need to even have installed the
> FrontPage Server Extensions.
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