[thelist] Apache htaccess

Keith Davis cache at dowebs.com
Sun May 27 15:32:41 CDT 2001

deke wrote:

> Whether an FTP client shows system files or not is entirely up
> to the FTP program. I don't know about Cute, but WS_FTP has
> it as a configurable option, and my options are set to show
> system files. It's such an easy thing to do, that I suspect few
> FTP programs are NOT configurable to show system files.
> Sorta like ls.  If you just do an ls, you don't get system files,
> and if you do an ls -a, you do.

I use LeapFTP and there is no option to show system files. (At least I
couldn't find it) But I can include shell scripts on a session basis and
thanks to your tip can indeed see, and now delete, the files if I need
to. Beats writing a perl to do it. THANKS deke!


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