[thelist] Credit card validation

Keith Davis cache at dowebs.com
Sun May 27 23:44:21 CDT 2001

"Charles F. Johnson" wrote:
> Keith Davis <cache at dowebs.com> typed:
> > Good luck, and say HI to Sally and Bob if you get down to Tampa.
> >
> > keith
> By the way, who are Sally and Bob?

Well, since you asked, the story (yesterday) about Sally selling cc#s to
Rocky, Rocky selling them to Jocko and using Alice's account to verify
the cards. I changed Alice's name because she still owns her cafe in
Cambridge Mass and I changed Cheng Hui's to Jocko since I didn't want it
looking like I have an ethnic prejudice. But Sally and Rocky's names are
real. Well, Rocky's was real, he's presumed dead. The FBI's last known
address on Sally and someone named Bob was Tampa. "Jocko's" in
Singapore. Thought I was making that up, didn't ya? It cost me a little
over 8K by the time it was over. Happened Sept 98 and "Jocko" called me
last winter and wanted to know if I was ready to do it again?!?! Pervert

E-commerce pays good, but so does bull riding. There are mistakes to be
made, read my lips, "there are mistakes to be made".


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