[thelist] CMS

Norman Beresford n.beresford at anansi.co.uk
Tue May 29 02:37:12 CDT 2001

Hi all

It seems like this is still a hot topic on here, so I thought I'd throw my
question into the arena.  I've got to build a CMS system for a UK based
Student's Union.  Basic functionality with some workflow management (ie new
content has to be authorized before it goes live etc).  I've had a quick
look at Zope following reading Martin's two articles and it seems like an
excellent tool for this sort of thing.  The problem is that I'm an ASP head,
so I'm a bit loathed to start learning Tcl/Python in order to get it doing
exactly what I'm after.  Is there anything similar for ASP, or do I need to
write my own, or should I really get to grips with the afore mentioned

Also I've never really used a proper CMS system, and I was wondering what
sort of authoring tools they supply.  What I've done before it built forms
which cater for exact areas within a site, but this is going to need to be
more flexiable then that.  So I was wondering about somesort of WYSIWYG tool
for the page building.

Any suggetsions/comments gratefully recived


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