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Memo from Martin P Burns of PricewaterhouseCoopers

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>Basic functionality with some workflow management (ie new
>content has to be authorized before it goes live etc).

What kind of workflow? What are the business processes

A generic one might be (and bear in mind that this is
a loop, not a line...):
1) Communication need established (offline probably) for a new/
    updated content asset
2) Content commissioned (system kickoff) - the commissioning content
   manager allocates tasks
3) Content assets produced (written, photographed, illustrated etc)
4) Content signed off (multiple levels? Different signoffs for different
   areas of the site?)
5) Content goes live (launch scheduling? Date/delta time?)
6) Live content is assessed - is it still useful/relevant
7) Old content is archived or removed from live site (but still held in
    asset repository to be available as a basis for new production eg
    a Freshers' Week piece is probably going to be the same core info
    each year - a new top and tail to the same asset(s) might be enough)

>The problem is that I'm an ASP head,
>so I'm a bit loathed to start learning Tcl/Python in order to get it doing
>exactly what I'm after.

Ektron produce a *very* simple CMS which is CF or ASP...

>Also I've never really used a proper CMS system, and I was wondering what
>sort of authoring tools they supply.

How 'proper' do you want? (ie what's your budget?) Many major league ones
will accept Word docs, and Spectra does have a reasonable dHTML one.
Ektron has an editing tool which is OK and available separately.  I've not
looked at its output in a year or more, but it *used* to stick in multiple
<font> tags, rather than sensible styles.

To be honest, the majority of what you'll need is simple, low-level
(ie <h#>, <strong>, links and simple tables for real tabular data - not
the range of code which the evolt site accepts:


>What I've done before it built forms
>which cater for exact areas within a site, but this is going to need to be
>more flexiable then that.

That's the usual approach... I understand that Interwoven Teamsite is
improving in this area.

What's the business need for more flexibility?


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