[thelist] [fwd] Non-breaking hyphen ???

bliss at wolfenet.com bliss at wolfenet.com
Thu May 31 21:20:25 CDT 2001

On 31 May 2001, Jerry Bacon digitally penned:

> Is there such a thing as a non-breaking hyphen to prevent words like
> 'e-mail' and 'e-commerce' from breaking in two pieces at the end of a
> line?????

Not sure what the table's all about Jerry, but for e-commerce, etc. - 
couldn't you just use - for the hyphen?  i.e.


dyanne, who dearly hopes her mysterious first post plain ol' ascii 
text-not blunder - was a fluke.  Trust that this is (as always) 
whizzing out in plain vanilla...

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