[thelist] [fwd] Non-breaking hyphen ???

Marc Seyon seyon at carib-link.net
Thu May 31 22:37:56 CDT 2001

At 5/31/2001 11:11 PM, you wrote:
> >>Just saw this on another list yesterday. Not sure if it works or not...
> >>–
> >
> >This is not really a hyphon, but an "en-dash". Bit longer then a
> >hyphon. — is an "em-dash". Each is used for something different.
>please be careful with those things
>the &#45 hyphen is part of the iso standard, but &#150 and &#151 are not

I've never used any of these, only remembered it because I had just seen 
the same question elsewhere. Rudy, thanks for the clarification.


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