[thelist] Domain Pricing

Keith Davis cache at dowebs.com
Thu May 31 22:44:21 CDT 2001

"Green, Janet" wrote:
> You wouldn't want the buyer making an offer based on
> the assumption that you would have failed, so why should you set a price
> based on the assumption that you would have succeeded? 

A gem in an otherwise excellent post. If John's going to use the domain
then figuring what it's potentially worth to him establishes his minimum
price, nothing more. And how he figures that is not something to share
with the potential buyer. In fact, any mention of his intentions puts
price calculation on figuring the minimum instead of on figuring the
maximum. The buyer's intentions should remain the only criteria of the

Rancher says to the cattle buyer, "Give me a fair price. I could always
eat this herd, ya know."
Buyer looks him in the eye, "Yeah, ya may still have to."


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