[thelist] Register and Trademarking symbols in Photoshop

isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Fri Jun 1 01:01:09 CDT 2001


> a Photoshop question -- I need to add the trademarking and registered
> symbol to some text. I believe this can be done, but can't
> remember how --
> does anyone know? (I'm using Arial as my font, and am using
> Photoshop 6 on
> a Windows 98 machine)

Consult the Character Map (under Accessories in the Start Menu (System Tools
in Win2K).

When using Arial, (r) is ALT-0174, and (c) is ALT-0169.

ie, hold down ALT while you hit those numbers sequentially on the numeric
keypad, then release. Alternatively, just copy from Character Map and paste
into Photoshop.


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