[thelist] Calling PHP Gurus

Eric Cestari eric at ohmforce.com
Fri Jun 1 02:34:03 CDT 2001

Hi Sean,

As you said, the function crypt does not exist on Win32.
If you mean to keep your code portable, you can use the following snippet
:(with an excerpt from php.net :)
        function crypt($plainString, $salt)
            $command = "perl -e \"print crypt('$plainString', '$salt');\"";
            return  exec($command);

So that if you happen to migrate to Unix, you will use the standart crypt
function without recoding.

<tip type="php4" author="Eric Cestari">
To get quickly to function reference, i.e for crypt(),
just type in your browser http://www.php.net/crypt .It will head you
directly to the manual w/ user notes.

    Eric Cestari
> I've got PHP4 from the site and I even moved all the dlls into the
WINNT/SYS32 subdirectory.  I'm
> running this locally (Win32, NT4 box) and I've got PHP in the root
directory as well and not an
> Apache subdirectory.
> Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do to rectify this problem?
> Many thanks,
> Sean Preston

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