[thelist] Requesting post-layoff advice

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At 11:56 AM 5/31/01, you wrote:
>He already has his resume together and has spoken
>with a couple of good recruiters. His company has been a bit vague about
>severance, though, and he worked there for almost two years....so I want to
>have a good idea of what this process is like.

Make sure he gets a letter of reference, printed on company letterhead, 
that is very clear about the reasons he was let go (mine, for instance, 
mentions the company's decision to hand over the sites that were my 
responsibility to an outside agency due to a change in business plan) and 
mentions lots of nice things about him. Best to get this as soon as 
possible, while the lay-off guilt is still fresh in his boss' mind. He 
might also want to demand a check issued immediately, if he has questions 
about whether they're going to be able to pony up the bucks they owe him -- 
as for pay above and beyond what they might owe him, the best way to find 
out is just to ask point blank (i.e., What type of severance package are 
you offering?). No reason not to be blunt at this point -- your (his) not 
asking just gives them room to weasel.

HTH -- good luck with the job hunt.

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