[thelist] no more font tags?

Michael Barrett mbarrett at triad.rr.com
Sat Jun 2 09:47:36 CDT 2001

> A better expression is this one:
> <[\/]*[font|FONT][^>]*>
> It will take care of end tags as well. Note that using * (0 or more)
> instead of + (1 or more) is needed here because opening tags don't have
> the leading / and closing tags don't have anything between "font" and
> the >.
That's much nicer.
I reckon (being a grep newbie) that one could swap "font" for any old tag,
and then you'd have a handy tag cleaning kit for any icky tags you didn't
want lying around.

-- Michael Barrett

mbarrett at triad.rr.com
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