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Raymond Camden jedimaster at macromedia.com
Mon Jun 4 07:18:57 CDT 2001

Actually, this was me, and it was not sloppy programming, or at least not on
my part.

Let me describe what happaned. I had a case where files and folders were
being created on the fly. The web app also had the ability to back up these
files and folders and remove them. Under 'normal' circumstances this backup
operation would not be run after a deployment, I mean immidiately after a
deployment. In this case, I was testing.

So, what happaned? CFX_Zip tried to zip and remove a folder that IIS had a
'lock' on. This lock is a known 'feature' and can bit your in the rear if
your not careful. In my opinion, the fault was in CFX_Zip, since it could
not handle the readonly lock on the files. In fact, it handled it so poorly
it began to zip up c:\*.*.

Maybe this has been fixed, maybe it was a rare screw up, heck, maybe it
_was_ my fault, but it's still something to watch out for.

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> : > Check for any number of CFX_ZIP type tags
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> : Somebody also mentioned that CFX_ZIP was not
> : safe to use because it tried to zip c:\*.* ...
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> someone said that "one time" it tried to do that.  the situation
> that caused
> it was likely due to sloppy programming as well.  if you're
> careful to check
> your variables going into the tag, then you're not likely to have
> problems.
> what's more -- you need the tag to *un*zip files anyway so what's the
> problem?
> furthermore, we've been using cfx_zip here for a couple of years now and
> haven't had any problems with it.

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