[thelist] Saving the good stuff!!!

Bruce Heerssen bheerssen at visualbridge.tv
Mon Jun 4 09:36:47 CDT 2001

Martin B. wrote:

> To give credit where it's due, the archive search is now
> pointed at an evolt-scoped Google search, as Google has
> indexed thelist's archives extremely well, and has its
> well known high quality relevance ranking.

Google is the only way to find anything on the web, IMHO.

For those that don't know, Martin is referring to the fact that you can
search specific sites through google. Just enter "site:[url] [search terms]"
into the search box or you google toolbar. Alternatively, you can just send
a query string with the browser, eg:


This will search the whole evolt domain. Obviously, if you are interested
only in thelist, type "site:lists.evolt.org".

Don't forget to replace spaces with plus signs.


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