[thelist] Re: COLDFUSION folder upload

Raymond Camden jedimaster at macromedia.com
Mon Jun 4 10:38:08 CDT 2001

> most of my use of cfx_zip has been for the purpose of creating a
> grouping of
> documents that can be used offline.  that grouping of document usually
> consists of an html file that's created on the fly and a bunch of image
> files.  this group of files is placed into a directory that's
> created on the
> fly and then the directory contents are zipped.  all of these operations
> happen within a few lines of code of each other.  in all the testing i did
> in building this app and all the use it's gotten from the client,
> never once
> has something like you described ever happen.  am i lucky?  i don't know.
> were you unlucky?  again, i don't know.  all i'm trying to say is that
> cfx_zip is a tag i use and am very happy with.  i'm just trying to bring
> balance to the claims for/against it.

True, I should have been a bit more clear. In general, CFX_ZIP seems like a
darn cool tag. I wasn't advocating _not_ using the tag, just caution. As for
you not seeing the bug, I'm not surprised. This IIS issue I ran into is
slippery to say the best. Every now and then someone will mention an issue
with it on cf-talk (a ColdFusion listserv), but, again, it seems to happen
pretty rarely. (Maybe it's been changed in IIS5? )

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