[thelist] System question...........

Tony Crockford tonyc at boldfish.co.uk
Mon Jun 4 11:03:22 CDT 2001

Here's a more alarming thought:

Just suppose your flaky windows installation finally gives up and you
can't get it started again and the ONLY thing you can do is re-install

Get the stuff that's "too much to lose" backed up now!

My advice is to fit a second hard drive for data (not apps, just data).
You could get a second drive and install a clean copy of windows onto
it, re-install your apps, keeping your existing disk for data afterwards

To go through a planned (full backups, careful note of all profiles and
settings, Passwords and DUN, email accounts etc) re-installation of
Windows, preferably onto a formatted disk.

If you do it right, you get the satisfaction of a more robust system and
you've backed everything up.

You're gonna have to do it some day, why not do it when you want to, not
when you have to?



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