[thelist] Has anybody used Clientele (a CRM)?

Janet Nabring-Stager jnabring at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 4 12:12:18 CDT 2001

We use it here at my work.  I'm not certain about the answers to your
questions, but have you tried their website at www.epicor.com?  They
also have a number you can call on the website, but I don't know if
it's something you have to separately pay for...
--- "Shaun M. Anderson" <ShaunAnderson at smarttech.com> wrote:
> The company I work for uses Clientele to manage customer
> relationships.
> From what I've heard it is just a front-end for a database. It can
> use
> Access, MS SQL Server, etc.  We run it on SQL Server 7 (or so I've
> been
> told).
> My question is this:
> If I want to put information straight from a web form into the
> database, do
> I need to go through Clientele? Or can I just dump it straight into
> the
> database?
> I'm not sure if Clientele keeps track of the information when it is
> entered,
> or when it is called from the database. 
> I've looked around for information on this program, and as far as I
> can tell
> it's almost non-existent.
> This is pretty much my last shot before I actually talk to somebody
> in IS.
> (Not something that I'm looking forward to)
> Thanks,
> Shaun
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