[thelist] RE: IE click border... (digest, Vol 1 #1383: Msg 9)

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Mon Jun 4 12:54:59 CDT 2001


Can you please tell me which :focus pseudoclass behavior(s) would provide *equivalent* functionality for those who need it?  I've personally never disabled the link outlines--wasn't even aware it could be disabled (we *are* talking about the dotted line on active links, right?).  At the company I used to work for (mostly B2B sites) clients were always complaining about that outline and we were directed to tell them that there was no way to disable it.


On 3/6/01 at 12:53 pm, jeff at members.evolt.org (jeff) wrote:

...but if you're going to switch the outline off then you *must* provide *equivalent* functionality or people who are tabbing through links...

...You can change the behaviour of what happens with the :focus psuedoclass in CSS2. Provide alternative and *equivalent* functionality!! This is critical for accessible web sites.

Then later:

The link outlines, which also apply to any objects you can interact with, such as form elements, serve to show you what interactive thing currently has the focus... If you're navigating a page without the mouse then such things are crucial visual cues to what's going on and where you are...

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