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sales at iibiz.com sales at iibiz.com
Mon Jun 4 13:11:49 CDT 2001

> What the heck do you people do to your machines?!?!?! I've had win98 on my
> home machine for over THREE years and have not had any problems that would
> require reinstalling the OS. The only problem I've had is a memory leak
> McAffee Virus Scan during the screen saver. It eventually locked the
> and needed to be rebooted. Since removing it, I don't have any problems.
> you all not keep up with the patches and other maintenance like defrag?

Lucky you!

3 years, eh?  The average with people in my circle seems to be about 2
years.......and things just start to get consistently instable and quirky.
Some examples:

* from a fresh boot - if I try to open IE, it locks up.  Have to
control-alt-delete to shut it down, and then it will open on the next
effort.  EVERY single time.

*can be using my PaintShop Pro for ten minutes or 10 hours, when suddenly I
want to type something and all the fonts have disappeared.  Requires a
re-boot to get 'em back.

*printer spool will suddenly get errors when I'm only asking it to print one

Just lots of dumb stuff like that - annoying as hell when you're in the
middle of something and have to re-boot.

Some people tell me it's just Win98, some people tell me it's because it's a
Gateway (which I've owned several in the past and always loved them!), and
some of my business associates are experiencing the same problems on
different machines.

What do I do to my machine?  Supposedly Homesite is a real problem and
resource sucker, and I use that.  And then you guys post all these tempting
tools to try out, so I do.  Some I like and keep, others I dump, in the
proper manner.

Oh, by the way, any of you parents out there - these problems already
existed and then my 11 year old installed "The Simms" and my problems come
closer together and more frequently now!  Great game.  I give it another
month and she'll be sick of it and I'll dump it off of here!

Done rambling,


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