[thelist] Saving the good stuff!!!

Bruce Heerssen bheerssen at visualbridge.tv
Mon Jun 4 13:17:04 CDT 2001

> >take off the [ and ] --they are for notation...
> Scott,
> and as we are at it don't forget to leave a white space between
> the colon and
> "site", like in:
> site: lists.evolt.org+tips

Actually, that results in a general internet search for the terms
"lists.evolt.org" and "tips". Not very intuitive, I know, but that's how it
is. To search a specific site, it's "site:www.foo.com search terms", no
space after the colon. For instance, this search string "site: evolt.org bad
editors" results in hits at roselli.org also.


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