[thelist] <pre>

Erika Meyer emeyer at lclark.edu
Mon Jun 4 13:54:20 CDT 2001

>What am i missing or doing that is causing the links to display differenlty? 
>some are taking on the <pre> format, and some are returning back to the style
>specified in the style sheet.

I am not sure where your presentation problem is as they all look 
fine on my Mac IE5.  I don't generally use <pre> but if you're having 
a problem, you want to make sure your code is well-formed first (tags 
properly opened and closed).

I'm not sure what doctype you're trying to code.  You've got tag soup 
ranging from 3.2 to XHTML.   From <FONT> and <CENTER> to CSS to <br 
/> and no DTD.  This can cause problems.  CSS likes well-formed code.

pick a doctype and validate:

Tag open/close issues would be the first thing to fix. It wouldn't 
hurt if you stuck within one doctype, either. Try HTML 4.01 
transitional. If that doesn't fix it, let us know.


>One or the other would be nice, actually staying w/the <pre> style would be
>perfect as this newsletter is simply a copy of what is sent out in 
>emails... or
>perhaps its just an IE bug.
>Thanks in advanced for any and all help,


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