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Peter Kaulback pkaulbak at idirect.ca
Mon Jun 4 13:59:41 CDT 2001

In the wee hour of 01:37 PM 6/4/01 -0400, Ron White bequeathed such tales 
as these:
>What the heck do you people do to your machines?!?!?! I've had win98 on my
>home machine for over THREE years and have not had any problems that would
>require reinstalling the OS. The only problem I've had is a memory leak with
>McAffee Virus Scan during the screen saver. It eventually locked the machine
>and needed to be rebooted. Since removing it, I don't have any problems. Do
>you all not keep up with the patches and other maintenance like defrag?
>Ron White
>I have to re-install Win98SE all too often

Three years??  I think the Smithsonian would like to claim your system and 
maybe call Ripley's Believe it Or Not while you are at it too.  I'm rolling 
reinstalls every 6 to 8 months with 98SE, same was for 95 and NT4, I would 
run 2k but my master drive doesn't like 2k (only 256k cache).  I'm 
lengthening that a bit now by tweaking every square inch of it but between 
capping, large image rendering, and running a server on it, well 98 just 
get's worn out rather quickly.  Defrag only when it gets over 10% or when I 
have to do a burn or a backup (which is weekly).  The longest running 
machine I saw had no new software installed, or patches, or new 
drivers.  And it was running win95a since September 1995 with the 
defrag/scandisk hardly ever being run.  Go figure.
Peter Kaulback

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