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kumquat at sckans.edu kumquat at sckans.edu
Mon Jun 4 14:02:41 CDT 2001

> I'm not sure what doctype you're trying to code.  You've got tag soup 
> ranging from 3.2 to XHTML.   From <FONT> and <CENTER> to CSS to <br 
> /> and no DTD.  This can cause problems.  CSS likes well-formed code.

I know.  I just started working here, and it's been *AWFUL* trying to 
incorporate any standards (the code work...colleagues are cool with it, and 
really don't care, as long as I can generate readable pages in all browsers) 

I'm mainly just updating content as I go and trying to do everything *I* do in 
css/xhtml-strict.. while *trying* to clean out the garbage as I go.  I'm aiming 
for eventual xhtml strict... but as my plate grows w/other work here, it's 
almost impossible to spend a day *only* transforming the sites.

Thanks for looking at it on your mac.  No one here at work has complained about 
it.  I just noticed it today.  

Thanks again,

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