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matt newell matt at sweetillusions.org
Mon Jun 4 14:08:26 CDT 2001

i've had a nt4 server up for around 3 years straight, the most impressing
thing was an uptime (unrebooted) of 4.5 months at one point (unprovoked, it
just keeps running). yea, i did say it is an nt box -- which consists of a
celeron 333 - 384megs and about 75+ gigs of space for reference.

now running win2k sp3/exchange (nt4 and worldmail before) -- and the power
source finally decided to go out the other day. $23 and its back in
business. cheap fixes are always more rewarding that the spensive ones ...

anyhoo, the main point to all of this is that if you are really all about
having a server or a box for reliable produciton (uptime) .. build it
yourself, or have someone you know build it. i have yet to see any boxes
fail repeatedly that were built with care the first time.

of course, any win9x variant is a piece of crap and should be replaced
immediately if you intend to develop regulary/daily. (no, that wasn't a M$

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: In the wee hour of 01:37 PM 6/4/01 -0400, Ron White bequeathed such tales
: as these:
: >What the heck do you people do to your machines?!?!?! I've had win98 on
: >home machine for over THREE years and have not had any problems that
: >require reinstalling the OS. The only problem I've had is a memory leak
: >McAffee Virus Scan during the screen saver. It eventually locked the
: >and needed to be rebooted. Since removing it, I don't have any problems.
: >you all not keep up with the patches and other maintenance like defrag?
: >
: >Thanks,
: >Ron White
: >
: ><snip>
: >I have to re-install Win98SE all too often
: ><snip>
: >
: Three years??  I think the Smithsonian would like to claim your system and
: maybe call Ripley's Believe it Or Not while you are at it too.  I'm
: reinstalls every 6 to 8 months with 98SE, same was for 95 and NT4, I would
: run 2k but my master drive doesn't like 2k (only 256k cache).  I'm
: lengthening that a bit now by tweaking every square inch of it but between
: capping, large image rendering, and running a server on it, well 98 just
: get's worn out rather quickly.  Defrag only when it gets over 10% or when
: have to do a burn or a backup (which is weekly).  The longest running
: machine I saw had no new software installed, or patches, or new
: drivers.  And it was running win95a since September 1995 with the
: defrag/scandisk hardly ever being run.  Go figure.
: Peter Kaulback
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