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Rory.Plaire at wahchang.com Rory.Plaire at wahchang.com
Mon Jun 4 14:25:02 CDT 2001

| > What the heck do you people do to your machines?!?!?! 
| My weakness is trial software!
| What's yours?

Letting my roommates use the computer with their own profiles -- it just
kills the registry.

<tip type="Testing Tools">
Need to test your software solutions in a variety of settings? Go down to
your local Goodwill or similar second-hand store and get a used Mac, 486 or
Pentium and load it with some trial versions of software (i.e. good and
legal) to get it to be a viable system. Now test without worrying if you
will have to spend the afternoon reloading your system.

For those without access to a second-hand store with shelves overflowing
with old computers, you might want to try exchanging services with your
local public agencies (governments, universities) who replace their machines
regularly and need to dispose of them in citizen-responsible fashion.

Another nearly indispensable tool for the bleeding-edge or highly-active
tester is a copy of Norton Ghost,
http://www.symantec.com/sabu/ghost/ghost_personal/ , (or similar drive
imaging tool). This allows me, for one, to shrug off that last burning
crash, start reimaging, and turn into bed for a good night's sleep to meet
my fresh new system in the morning.

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