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Colin Mitchell colin_mitchell at wgbh.org
Mon Jun 4 17:20:55 CDT 2001

Yipes, I could tell some tales... between trial software, installing special
libraries to work on special projects, and installing assorted SDKs and
programming environments, I've done some heavy damage to machines.  I'm
working on an app for the Palm right now, and in the process of development
I've lost the ability to do a Hotsync on my laptop.  Jeepers, is that
annoying.  But these are the things that happen when you mess with stuff

I probably end up re-installing assorted OSes 5-6 times a year, between a
bunch of different computers.  So, along those lines:

<tip type="re-installing os" author="Colin Mitchell">
If you have a CD-R, keep a CD handy of all the drivers you'll need when you
reinstall your OS.  This makes life very easy, especially when doing a
hard-install (ie - reformatting and starting from scratch).  Keep that CD
and your OS CD in a safe place.  It might be obvious, but it a trick that
has saved me untold hours.

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> What the heck do you people do to your machines?!?!?! I've had win98 on my
> home machine for over THREE years and have not had any problems that would
> require reinstalling the OS. The only problem I've had is a memory leak
> McAffee Virus Scan during the screen saver. It eventually locked the
> and needed to be rebooted. Since removing it, I don't have any problems.
> you all not keep up with the patches and other maintenance like defrag?
> Thanks,
> Ron White
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> I have to re-install Win98SE all too often
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