[thelist] Mozilla doesn't like <strike>XHTML</strike> doctypes

Peter-Paul Koch gassinaumasis at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 4 17:25:40 CDT 2001

>I have run into the same thing.  Netscape 6 chokes on XHTML DOCTYPE
>declarations.  I use ColdFusion to scan for it and skip the DOCTYPE
>declaration for 6. (It's not a perfect solution and won't work all the 
>time, but it's good enough.)
>There are still many, many problems with Netscape 6.  Although, apparently 
>some of the latest Mozilla builds fix some of these problems.

I fully expect us to be forced to start each page with

if (ns)
document.write('<!DOCTYPE etc.>');
else if (ie)
document.write('<!DOCTYPE etc.>');

if the current doctype mania (this browser supporting this, that browser 
supporting that) goes on for a few months.


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