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the head lemur headlemur at qwest.net
Mon Jun 4 17:55:56 CDT 2001

Put windows 98 cd in cd drive
copy win98 directory from cd to c:
or drag and drop

open c:\win98

click on setup
say yes
when it asks to archive old installation
say yes (approx 170MB)

it will re-install windows without loosing your files/ mail settings/
hardware/ drivers
Run for a week and then delete backup.

<tip type"win95/98/2000'>
When installing new software, Use the control panel Add/Remove Programs
this helps windows keep track of what got put where so when you need to
un-install the chances of you not crashing or filling your harddrive with
orphan .dll's is much less.

<tip type"win98 Internet Explorer/Outlook express'>
If you have upgraded IE or OE prior to Windows re-install- Upgrade before
importing favorites,cookies, mail etc.

the head lemur
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