[thelist] search engine ranking programs for the Mac

Moe Rubenzahl moe at maxim-ic.com
Mon Jun 4 18:21:41 CDT 2001

>      Can anyone recommend good search engine ranking programs (i.e. for
>optimizing a site for certain keywords) for the Mac? I've heard good
>things about Web Position Gold, but it's only available for the PC. Any
>help would be much appreciated.

For what it's worth, WebPositionGold does run using VirtualPC on the 
Mac (though you have to use an alternate method for entering the 
software key -- see their FAQs.)

I recall seeing something for the Mac but don't recall the name. Try 
the software library at macworld.com. I also tried a Google search 

   macintosh search engine positioning

and ran across one: Top Dog: 

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