[thelist] Requesting ASP/DB/CF advice

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Mon Jun 4 19:07:31 CDT 2001

Bob, Matt,

Thanks for the responses.  I need a few pointers from the group:

The majority of my coding experience lies in HTML/DHTML, CSS, Javascript,
etc.--the standard stuff using Homesite, with some graphic design thrown in
(others always handled the backend stuff).

I recently moved 2 domains (one personal, one not) to NT servers.  I had to
recode a form on the personal site and did so using ColdFusion, which was
new to me, but I was able to figure it out without too much hair-pulling &
cursing.  I understand that ASP is probably the better thing for me to learn
in terms of making my skills more marketable but it just looks soooooo
icky/scary (CF looks & feels more like HTML, so it doesn't seem as bad).
Even Javascript still gives me headaches if I have to use it for anything
more complex than mouseovers & browser detection or basic DHTML DOM's.

So to get to the point, I'm putting together a test db in Access and getting
ready to dive into experimenting with ASP--is it considered bad form to
combine the three (i.e. ASP, CF & HTML)?  I mean I realize that HTML is part
of the picture regardless, but should all files have the .asp extension?  Is
it gonna look unprofessional if some of the files have .htm/.hmtl or .cfm

Any other advice or warnings regarding ASP/DB's/CF & dynamically generated
pages would be greatly appreciated.  I'm afraid the "relational" part of how
DB's work & interact with ASP/CF is gonna be hard for me to grasp...


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