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jeff jeff at members.evolt.org
Mon Jun 4 19:47:32 CDT 2001


: From: Josh Spiegel
: Ok, so lets say I have test.cgi.  All
: test.cgi does is set the variable
: $myvar = "something".  Is there a really
: slick way for me to write a cold fusion
: page that can call test.cgi and get the
: contents of $myvar in the cfm?  

the approach depends on several variables.

1) is that really all the cgi file is doing?

2) does the execution of the cgi script have
   to happen in during the request to the
   cold fusion template?

3) what version of cf server is this going
   to be running on? 

4) if necessary, can you install a cfx tag?

5) is the cgi template and the coldfusion
   template on the same machine?  if not,
   are they on the same network?

6) is the value the cgi script is returning
   a simple value or a complex one?

and probably the most important question:

7) is there some reason why you couldn't
   replace the functionality in test.cgi
   with a coldfusion template with the
   same functionality?



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