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Peter Kaulback pkaulbak at idirect.ca
Mon Jun 4 20:16:17 CDT 2001

In the wee hour of 04:15 PM 6/4/01 -0400, aardvark bequeathed such tales as 
> > From: <sales at iibiz.com>
> >
> > 3 years, eh?  The average with people in my circle seems to be about 2
> > years.......and things just start to get consistently instable and
> > quirky. Some examples:
>4.5 year-old machine, win98... rebuilt twice (on 2 year
>anniversaries), not because it needed it, but because it ensures i'm
>maximizing my system... hasn't been rebooted in 2 months, and
>that was only cuz i turned it off to go to SXSW... otherwise, 6
>month intervals...
You're right this is a tad off topic and I did forget my tip...
<tip type="replacing motherboard" author="Peter Kaulback">
If you are running windows 9x and you replace your motherboard you don't 
have to reinstall the OS.  Go into Safe Mode and wipe out the Device 
Manager in Control Panel completely, then reboot into Windows.  Everything 
new will be realized.  This has saved my work numerous times.

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