FW: [thelist] [OT] global rolling blackout

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Mon Jun 4 23:33:53 CDT 2001

so, yeah, we all *know* this is off-topic, right?

this means three things:

1. it really shouldn't have been posted, given the political vitriol that 
may ensue (and i have my own very strong opinions about this as 
well, and it's hard for me to keep my mouth shut)...

2. nobody should be responding to it, given the political nature of 
the message...

3. if you feel compelled to respond (and suffer the offlist wrath of 
my typing), *include a tip*... and not one of those sissy 'how to get 
gum out of your hair' tips, or 'how to make yourself happy,' or even 
'how to reboot an OS with only the suds from a half-empty cream 
soda at 200 yards'... if you post on this thread, (or any other OT 
thread, but this one in particular), let's see a <tip> that would make 
your father proud and your mother weep... let's see something that 
could be the rosetta stone of developers in the future trying to 
translate HTML2.0 to QXML...


did i lose anyone?

do i have to warm up the spanking machine?

oh, wait, it's warm...

<tip type="Photoshop, Mac">
Photoshop 6.01 for the Mac always writes information about a PSD 
in the comments field in the 'Get Info' dialog box (you know, 
command-i).  Some servers choke on that extra chunk of data, and 
as such, sometimes Mac users can't move files around too well 
outside of MacOS.

Adobe has released a plug-in, aptly named Disable Get Info 
Comment.  The name says it all, I think.  Anyway, get it at:

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