[thelist] CGI to Cold Fusion

Lindsay Evans lindsay at NOSPAMredsquare.com.au
Tue Jun 5 00:28:05 CDT 2001

> Side note: It seems like this should be easier.  Isn't most of cold fusion
> derived from cgi?

not really,

might have an answer for you though:

in test.cgi, print your variables out like so:

print "myvar1 = \"$myvar1\"";
print "myvar2 = \"$myvar2\"";

(i think thats right, my perl is a bit rusty)

then in the calling cf page, have something along these lines:

<cfhttp url="" method="get"></cfhttp>


<cfoutput>myvar1: #myvar1#<br />myvar2: #myvar2#</cfoutput>

tested this in asp, and it worked fine, i can't see any reason why it
wouldn't work in perl


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