where can I find readable documentation for web standards (was RE: [thelist] Site redirect check : old browser)

Joel D Canfield joel at spinhead.com
Tue Jun 5 01:20:51 CDT 2001

hmmm... i care about compliance... you seen my home page?
http://roselli.org/adrian... it's completely CSS 1.0 and HTML 4.01
compliant, and complies to WAI guidelines... in fact, so does
evolt.org... and have you seen how they appear in NN3?  they work
quite nicely, thank you...

I haven't been to roselli.org for a while, so I went and got sucked in.
Plenty to read, but it made me wonder (and I put this question before anyone
who feels qualified to comment) have you read the w3c standards documents
for CSS 1 and HTML 4.01 in the original legalese? If not those original
documents, how did you gather the info necessary to ensure those levels of

<rambling value="questionable">
I feel very strongly about making the web appropriately accessible. As I
contemplate rejoining the outside world, I'm reminded how badly out of
practice I am. For the last three years I've worked almost exclusively on
sites where I had complete control of the end users (yes, that's exactly
what I meant - they used the computers and browsers I told them to because
it was my job to tell them,) and therefore chose to code for an OS/browser
combination that focused on getting the job done, not compatibility with
anyone or anything.

I'm sick of my own [multi-annually stagnant] site, but the Wild Wild Web
isn't an intranet - I need to start thinking like a web designer again, and
stop thinking like a bureaucrat. I'd like to start the way I started every
other training program I've undertaken - by studying the documentation. Is
w3c.org really the place to start?

joel at spinhead.com

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