[thelist] Site redirect check : old browser

Mark Cheng mark.cheng at ranger.com.au
Tue Jun 5 02:00:19 CDT 2001


I really appreciate the time you've spent.  couple of points and the
beginning of a debate?? :)


>> >>>- there is no link to proceed anyway...
>> there is on the non complying browser page.
>no there wasn't...were you using a document.write?

Actually there should be a button on the bottom of the nobrows page - "take
me to the site anyway" or some such thing.

>> >>>- "These standards are designed to ensure that the web surfing
>> >>>experience is consistent across all browsers, and computer types."
>> >>>well, then why won't it work in NN3?
>> NN3 is not standards compliant.
>well, that's a matter of perspective... it will render compliant HTML
>2.0 and 3.2 pages quite nicely... what you mean is that it's not
>HTML 4.01 compliant, which makes sense, since it was released
>well before HTML 4.01... *however*, your wording says 'consistent
>across all browsers," which is my point... i read that far and said,
>"well, then, why can't i see it?  clearly this is wrong, or they are

Fair point.  The wording should be clearer - browsers should include aural
browsers etc.  thanks for the comments

>don't confuse standards with coding beyond what browsers can
>handle... you can still code compliant pages that degrade well...
>what you are doing is coding to compliance beyond concern for
>older browsers, which makes me wonder if you are doing it just
>because you can, or if you are doing it because it's easier than
>degrading nicely...

Actually, what I am doing is coding to standards designed to separate style
from content (HTML 4.01, CSS (including CSSP), ECMA and DOM).  My objective
is to fully separate design from content (that includes using no tables to
achieve positioning of major design elements) to get the massive benefit
that brings from a maintenance and redesign point of view.

as a newbie, from my reading of various articles (including evolt and A List
Apart),  life is a lot simpler doing that than trying to get the exact same
layout on NN4x and ie, let alone anything before that.

I am coding beyond concern for older browsers (actually opera 511 has probs
with some of the code in the site as well!).  However, I care about those
older browsers - enough so that they don't try and render the "latest
standards compliant" site.  I don't want them to get JS errors and I
definitely don't want their browser to crash if they hit the site.  However,
if they choose to try and render it - then they have made the choice.  If
they don't want to upgrade their browsers for free - I'm not forcing them
to - they can go to the text only site and get a subset of the info

>ironically, as you get older in the browser chain, you're less likely
>to get the JS support you'll need to redirect the users...

Excellent point. - I need to put a warning in the site to cover that.

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