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deke web at master.gen.in.us
Tue Jun 5 07:50:46 CDT 2001

On 5 Jun 2001, at 10:13, Niklaus Haldimann posted a message which said:

> Remember: Most search engines (and I think all major ones) will not
> index pages with query strings because it indicates that the content of
> the page is not static and it prevents spamming to some extent. There's
> multiple ways to disguise the query string though, the easiest and
> probably most used involving mod_rewrite on apache servers.

You aren't disguising the query string from spiders with mod_rewrite.
You're giving them a new URL to ask for - and *that* is the URL 
any spider should be remembering.

If you replace the question mark with a virgule (slash), you can access
the information using PATH_INFO, but it still looks like a standard
path to a spider.  This is *far* more useful, and it probably is used
more than mod_rewrite - at least, as far as search engine spidering 
concerns go.


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