[thelist] Rounding Corners

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Tue Jun 5 07:55:51 CDT 2001

Hi Gregory ...

Here's what I do

(1) Create a new document, exactly a square (20x20) (note:  helpful to zoom
in a few times)

(2) Create an exact circle (hold down shift in some programs to keep it
proportional).  Make the circle the same size as the image, i.e. (20x20).
(Note, I usually cheat and start with a larger square, make the circle
exactly the size I want, centre it, then resize the canvas.)

(3)  Once the circle is exactly placed within the square, fill it, or
outline it, whatever you want.  Then I take 1/4 of the square file and crop
the rest of the document away.  I would end up with a 10x10 square file.

(4) Save image for web, then rotate it 3 times 90 degrees each time to get
the other corners.

Here's an example I just did on the weekend.  In this case, I only wanted
the outline of a corner.



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| Does anyone know how to create images with rounding corners?  For example,
| the menu tabs at the top of http://www.stand.org.

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