[thelist] Rounding Corners

kumquat at sckans.edu kumquat at sckans.edu
Tue Jun 5 08:31:32 CDT 2001

<tip author="Jeana (kumquat at sckans.edu)" type="Photoshop/Graphic Design tricks">

Want to learn how to do rounded-corners, TV Scan lines, metallic and chrome 
text and much much more?  There are *many* resources out there on the web 
describing in detail the how-to's of the "catchy" designs that are popping up 
on many sites today.  Designsbymark.com 
(http://www.designsbymark.com/pstips/index.shtml) is one of them.  He takes you 
step by step on how to make rounded corners, those tv-screen like lines, flashy 
text, and lots lots more.


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