[thelist] site server search info?

Scott Dexter sgd at ti3.com
Tue Jun 5 10:23:58 CDT 2001

Hi Colette, I'm sorry this hasn't been gotten to sooner, but allow me to
take a stab here...

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> From: Colette Brown [mailto:colette at wi.rr.com]
> Does anyone here have any experience with using Site Server's search
> engine?  Or can someone point me to more info?  All of the books and
> web pages I find on Site Server deal with the shopping cart.  The
> little search info I do find just deals with the basics of building a
> catalog, which I already know about.

I've not used the SS Search (no need, yet), but do you have access to the SS
docs themselves? No? --Try here:


Let me know if this doesn't get you started enough--


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