[thelist] Thumbnails

Chris Johnston chris at completeimaging.com
Tue Jun 5 11:30:24 CDT 2001


In Photoshop 5.5 and 6 there is a thing called Actions. Basically, they are
user defined macros. You open a document, start recording, and do whatever
you wish to that document. Then stop recording and you have an action
consisting of all your previous actions. There are few things that don't
translate to actions though. For a full explanation of Actions consult your
user manuals or the Adobe web site. But basically Photoshop will do exactly
what you are looking for.


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> Is there an  image editor than can resize a number of photographs to
> thumbnails in one operation?  Scenario: I have 100 photographs that I want
> to show as thumbnails with a width of, say, 150 pixels or maybe at 10% of
> original. Can I do that as a batch?
> Jonathan

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