[thelist] CGI to Cold Fusion

Joshua OIson joshua at alphashop.net
Tue Jun 5 11:41:35 CDT 2001

There may be one other really whack answer to the problem.  If you have
access to the cgi source, then you could actually have the cgi create a file
on the hd somewhere accessible to cf a .cfm file that contains all the
appropriate cfsets that you will need back in the calling template.  Then,
simply include the .cfm file that the cgi file created.  You can use the
GetTempFile function in CF to create the temporary file in a directory and
then pass the filename to the cgi script as a parameter.  Once you've
cfincluded the created template (and thus setting the variables via the
cfsets) then you can delete the temp file.

Just a thought, for use if nothing else seems to work.


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