[thelist] outlook sucks hard. plus tip. (was email tip).

.jeff jeff at members.evolt.org
Tue Jun 5 13:19:10 CDT 2001


: From: Joe Crawford
: What a great tip!


: But this is NOT an "email" tip - this is
: an "Outlook" (for Windows) tip.

no, it is an email tip as non-outlook using people can help prevent the
problem for those who choose (or have no choice but) to use outlook.

: Just as the most recent "Email viruses" are
: really "Outlook viruses" - [...] But Outlook
: sucks, [...] I avoid it like the plague.

my intent when posting this tip was not to turn this into an "outlook sucks"
thread.  i happen to use outlook because that's what i prefer -- it performs
the tasks i need very well, something all other email clients i've tried
have never been able to do satisfactorily.  whether or not it works for me
and doesn't work for you is irrelevant and unnecessary commentary on

<tip type="ColdFusion">

did you know that coldfusion has built-in ldap support?  if you call the
cfldap tag and get a weird error about an object not being supported, don't
fret.  that error doesn't mean that cfldap isn't supported (as it sounds
initially), it means that there's an error with the way you called the tag

anyone looking to integrate with an ldap server should do themselves a favor
and go to allaire's forums, do a search for "cfldap" and do some reading.


good luck,


jeff at members.evolt.org

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