[thelist] IE DOM and MSHTML wackiness

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Tue Jun 5 14:14:02 CDT 2001

in need of help from those of you familiar with 
IE's DOM...

in converting from the IE DOM to text (and vice-
versa) through innerHTML and innerText, MSHTML 
converts DOM nodes into text and the text into 
nodes... the problem we are seeing is that the 
IE DOM does not appear to retain any additional 
formatting information... it simply parses the 
DOM out to text, ignoring quoted attributes on 
numeric values, etc...

in short, we enter HTML into a control, and it 
comes out upshifted and with quotes stripped... 

where is the default DTD or schema that IE uses 
to convert between these two formats? can it be 
overridden? if so how?

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