[thelist] Requesting ASP/DB/CF advice

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at COMPAQ.com
Tue Jun 5 14:17:22 CDT 2001

Hi Bev,

You *CAN* interweave different technologies and get them to play nicely
together.  e.g. You can have a CF page post a form to an ASP page which
generates HTML and JavaScript. You can alternate back and forth if you like,
or even mix in more different technologies.  {You may "lose out" on using
some technology specific session-variable kind of things, though.}

For the most part, however, I think I would recommend against doing this
kind of thing on a production client site.  My guess is that the client's
internal IS folks will throw a 'hissy-fit' when they look at what a pain
it's going to be for them to maintain such a system.

Where it starts to become a "gray area" for me is if a client wants a new
feature added to an existing site.  How comfortable should [they | you | we]
be in building that new section in ... say ASP ... if the rest of their site
is in CF?  Or vice-versa?

It "feels" kind of sloppy to me. [Which makes it perfectly okay for my
personal site!  :-)]  But if I explain the "maintainance" issue to the
client ahead of time and they're okay with that - is it still "bad form"?

Hope those musings help some,


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So to get to the point, I'm putting together a test db in Access and getting
ready to dive into experimenting with ASP--is it considered bad form to
combine the three (i.e. ASP, CF & HTML)?  

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