[thelist] Components in ASP - Timing an event

Scott Dexter sgd at ti3.com
Tue Jun 5 14:27:22 CDT 2001

Does the server have IE5 installed? (It should if you have it on sp6)

in NT4, IE5 installs a better Task Scheduler, you want to use this instead
of ASP pages (wrong hammer).

Open the file explorer, look for a "Scheduled Tasks" folder under My
Computer. You can schedule a plain ole DOS batch file to do your dirty

lemme know if you need more details

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Shaun M. Anderson [mailto:ShaunAnderson at smarttech.com]
> Is it possible to have something run everyday at a given time?
> I'm looking to copy text files off of the server onto a local 
> drive (Form
> submissions)
> I have network access to the server (VPN), and the server is 
> running IIS 4.

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