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Julia Frizzell Julia_Frizzell at brown.edu
Tue Jun 5 14:42:07 CDT 2001

At 9:36 PM +0200 6/5/01, webmaster at menouno.com wrote:
>On 5 Jun 2001, at 14:50, Julia Frizzell wrote about
>[thelist] Opera & Forms:
>>  I have a feedback form on my website, and it works just fine. Save for
>>  Opera.
>>  This is what one of my friends said when he uses Opera to submit the
>>  form [...]
>just finished submitting some nonsense - no problem at all (Opera
>5.11 Win 98)

Thank you, Massimo and everyone else who has submitted stuff. I've 
gotten three tests through so far, and no one who has said it doesn't 
work for them.

If anyone wants to try more, please feel free. I am now beginning to 
think it must just be his configuration somehow, but so far he said 
he was using 5.1, and I've had a 5.02, 5.0, and 5.11, so maybe he 
just needs to update to 5.11?

If anyone has Opera 5.1 for Windows and wants to try it and see if it 
works, I'd really appreciate it.


Many thanks again!

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